Joe Carter Resume


TOWNS CONSULTANTS is an architectural and urban design services firm based in Beijing, China. TOWNS designs have won numerous competitions in China, both national and international.

TOWNS CONSULTANTS goal is to provide thoughtful, creative solutions in the context of local culture, local clients and local budgets. Our capacity for award-winning design reflects cross-cultural understanding based on 30 years of work in China with both foreign and domestic clients.

TOWNS CONSULTANTS experience ranges over a wide variety of building types. Recent projects include the complete campus for the China Central Academy of Drama (140,000m2), and the Bo Jun mixed-use development near the Canadian Embassy in Beijing (120,000m2).

TOWNS CONSULTANTS, with its strong Beijing-based network, works on projects large and small, adjusting its team size according to project scale. Typically, TOWNS provides Conceptual and Schematic Design and then works closely with local design institutes to produce Construction Documents. This Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WOFE), was established in 2006 by Joe Carter, MRAIC, a Canadian architect living in China since 1985.

Before founding his own firm, TOWNS CONSULTANTS, Mr. Carter served as Chief Designer in the Beijing office of MKB, a Chicago-based design firm (2000-2005); as Construction Manager (architectural) at Pacific Century Place in Beijing (1997-9); as an architect with local Beijing design institutes (1990-6), the first foreign architect employed by a Chinese design institute; and as a Professor of Design at Tianjin University (1986-89).

TOWNS CONSULTANTS Chief Planner is He Hong Yu, Ph.D (Qinghua University). Her Ph.D. thesis concerned the integrated social, physical, financial, and administrative redevelopment of the old hutong areas of Beijing. Her professional experience is varied, including working as a Beijing municipal government official on Housing Reform, real estate development consulting, feasibility studies, and site planning. She has also applied her artistic talents to fashion design; she was a founder and the chief designer at Five Colours Earth Fashion,




Languages: English and Chinese (spoken)
Living in China since 1985.
Married to He Hong Yu, Ph.D. Urban Planning (Qinghua University, Beijing)

B.Sc. (Architecture), 1968, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
B. Architecture, 1973, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Fall 2014 and Winter 2015
Professor of Architecture
One-year appointment as Sheff Professor at McGill University, School of Architecture, Montreal, Canada.
Design Studios and seminars all explored China-related architectural and urban design topics.

2006 to the present
Towns Consultants, Beijing-based WOFE, Architectural and Urban Design, Joe Carter (Owner-Director)

Chief Architect/Planner; McBride, Kelley, Baurer Architects/Planners, Chicago USA, Beijing Representative Office

Architect; Bennet and Wright with Macy DuBois in joint venture (Beijing)

Architect; Construction Management Associates Ltd., USA, Beijing Office

Architect; Bennet and Wright International (Canada), Beijing Office

Architect and Planner; Zong Heng Ltd., a Chinese Urban Investment Development Consultant, Beijing.

Architect; Zhong Jing Architects and Engineers, Chinese local design office. Beijing:

CIDA Researcher; Self-designed program entitled "Community Participation in Housing". Based in Beijing and Tianjin.

Honorary Guest Lecturer; Department of Architecture, Tianjin University, Tianjin

Architect; St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Co-founder and Director of Affinities Ltd. (design and construction), St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Affinities specialized in renovation of historic homes, and the design and construction of passive solar energy-efficient homes.

Architect, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Landscape Architect: John Schreiber and Associates, Montreal, Canada


Architectural Design

Nan Guan Resort, Nan Guan Village, Fang Shan County, Beijing.
Hotel, Meeting Facilities and Winery (15,000 m2) set in one of the most beautiful valleys in the hills of Beijing, 2012-15.
Construction Start: 2015.

Daoist Temple, Hai Rou District, near Huang Hua Cheng Great Wall, Beijing, 2011-12

Si Ma Tai Tourism District, Lavender Farm Clubhouse, 2009-10.

Tianjin International Tennis Center, International Competition, First prize (Jury selection), Tianjin 2007

China Central Academy of Drama
Fourteen campus buildings (135,000 m2) including facilities for teaching, Library, Dining, Dormitories, Theater, and Offices.
Designer of First Place winning entry, International Design Competition, 2003 (at MKB)
Winner of National Competition, Towns Consultants, 2006
Building Design, Towns Consultants, 2006-2009
Construction Administration, Towns Consultants, 2009-14.

Yew Chung International School Expansion and Renovation, Beijing, 2005
New Early Years Facility.
Chief Designer (MKB).

Nan Xun Hotel: Convert existing MSG factory located in old canal town near Shanghai into a boutique hotel/spa. 2005
Chief Designer/ Project Manager (MKB).

Shi Jia Zhuang No.2 Hospital, International Design Competition, First Place, 2004.
Building Area: 83,000 m2, above ground.
Chief Designer, Architectural/ Project Manager (MKB). Consultant for production of construction drawings by Da Qing Design Institute, Wuxi.

Bo Jun Mixed-use Development, Beijing, 120,000 m2, near the Canadian Embassy, 2003-6. Construction began mid-2007.
Chief Designer/ Project Manager (MKB). Consultant for production of construction drawings by Bao Li Da Design Institute, Beijing.

Ningbo Beilun, Zhejiang Province, Duty Free Zone Design Competition, First Place, 2002. Construction completion in late 2005.
Chief Designer/ Project Manager (MKB).

Ma He School, near Louyang, Henan Province, in cooperation with UNESCO, 2002. Construction Completion, 2003.
Chief Designer (MKB). Consultant for production of construction drawings by Yan Shi Design Institute, Yanshi.

Xuzhou School for the Handicapped, Jiangsu Province, 2002. Construction completion in late 2005. Chief Designer (MKB). Consultant for production of construction drawings by Xu Zhou Design Institute, Xuzhou.

Long Zi Yuan Community Center, Beijing, 4000 m2. Construction completion in late 2005.
Chief Designer/ Project Manager (MKB). Consultant for production of construction drawings by Tian Zhong Design Institute, Beijing.

New World Community Center, Beijing 2500 m2. Construction completion in late 2005. Chief Designer/ Project Manager (MKB).
Consultant for production of construction drawings by Bao Li Da Design Institute, Beijing.

New World Commercial and Office Center, design competition entry, Chong Wen Men District, Beijing, 2001.
Designer of one of three proposals by MKB.

Beijing, Nan Xin Yuan Housing Estate at Nan Mo Fang: Beijing's first Social (An Ju) Housing District. Planning and design, 180,000 m2 development for families with housing difficulties. Design included all housing, shops, kindergarten and a school. The latter won a municipal design award, 1993.
Chief Planner and Architect (Zong Heng)


Beijing, China Central Academy of Drama, Campus Planning, First Place winner of international competition, 2003 for MKB. Site Planning, 20 hectares, 2006/Towns Consulting.

Beijing, Wang Du Housing Estate Planning, Design Proposal, 2002. Co-planner (MKB) with Bao Li Da Design Institute.

Beijing, Li Lai Fu Hua Housing Estate, Design Proposal, 2002. Chief Planner (MKB)

Wuhan, Dream Lake Housing Estate, Design Proposal, 2002. Chief Planner/ Project Manager (MKB)

Ningbo Beilun, Zhejiang Province, Civic Center Urban Design Competition, First Place, 2002. Chief Planner/ Project Manager (MKB)

Qinghuangdao, Hebei Province, Urban Design Competition, Haigang City Center, Second Place, 2000. Chief Planner (MKB)

Xi Lin Gol, Inner Mongolia, Xanadu Experimental Sustainable Tourism Activity, 2000. Co-organizer with Rolf Dietmar, environmental scientist, Office of China Agenda 21.

Shenzhen Coastal Management Study, 1999 Consultant Planner (Chreod Consultants) Beijing, He Ping Men Redevelopment Plan: Redevelopment plan for 16 hectares of an old residential area in Beijing, near Tian An Men Square (identified by the Chief City Planner, Mr. Liu Shao Shi, as the best planning work for the old city to date), 1995 Chief Planner (Zong Heng)

Qingdao, Shandong Province, Plan for 2 km. of shorefront development in new city center, 1993. Chief Planner (Zhong Jing)

Interior Design

Emergo Representative Office, Suite 1810, China World Tower One, Beijing, 2004. Chief Designer (MKB).

Western Academy of Beijing, 14,000 m2 international school, Beijing, 2002-3. Chief Designer, Construction Project Manager, Architectural. (MKB)

Five Colours Earth Fashion Boutique, Beijing, 1996. Chief Designer, Construction Project Manager.

Five Colours Earth Fashion Boutique, Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, 2004. Chief Designer, Construction Project Manager.

Construction Management

Emergo Representative Office, Suite 1810, China World Tower One, Beijing, 2004. Design-build Project Manager (MKB).

Construction Manager (architectural) with DuBois Plumb Partners/Bennett & Wright for new Annex of the Canadian Embassy, Beijing, 1999-2000.

Construction Manager (architectural) with MKB for Western Academy of Beijing, 14,000 m2 international school, Beijing, 2002-3.

Construction Manager (architectural) with Construction Management Consultants (CMA) for Pacific Century Place, a 220,000 m2 mixed-use development (including housing), Beijing. CMA advised owner on project costs, quality of construction and materials, scheduling, contracts, detailed finishing design, and assisted owner with marketing. 1997-9.

Construction Manager with CMA for historic building interior renovation on Beijjng University old campus. Two buildings, Jian Zhai and Ti Zhai, were converted from antiquated student residences into modern serviced apartments and fully-equipped office/meeting rooms for visiting professors. All mechanical and electrical services were upgraded while preserving the outside appearance of the buildings.

Architectural Consultant with B&W Construction. Assist China Ministry of Construction Design Institute produce working drawings for Beijing World Financial Center, a 100,000 sq.m. office/commercial development east of Full Link Plaza. Co-ordinate with Chinese owner and RTKL (American designer) to translate detailed design into working drawings, 1996.

Research and International Development

China and the New World Order
This book will be published by the Ministry of Culture Publishing House in January, 2009. The book explores China's potential contributions to the establishment of a peaceful world, and looks at some aspects of its path to maturity.

China and the New World Order
Selections from this paper were presented at a Seminar on Education sponsored by the China Central Academy of Social Science, Institute of World Religions and the Baha’i Committee of Macau. Macau, China, October 13-14, 2006.

Contemporary Chinese Architectural and Planning Practice: Aspirations and Challenges
This paper was presented at the International Research Workshop: The Cross-Cultural Transfer of Building Environmental Information, March 14-16, 2002, at the Liu Center for the Study of Global Issues, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Conference paper published, July 2003, as a chapter in Buildings, Culture and Environment: Informing Local & Global Practices, edited by Raymond J Cole and Richard Lorch. The same paper was also part of the proceedings for the Fifth International Eco-City Conference, Shenzhen, August 19-23, 2002.

Housing Export Opportunity Series: China
Co-author with He Hong Yu of a major study of urban housing in China, for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. 1995-6

Member of the Affordable Housing Research Group of the Beijing Municipal Government Housing Reform Office, 1990-2

Assisted McGill University (Montreal, Canada), School of Architecture to establish academic cooperation with the Tianjin University School of Architecture, 1996 - 2001

Co-founder of Five Colours Earth Fashion, Beijing. Five Colours Earth has succeeded in giving Dong and Miao embroidery from Guizhou new market channels that retain the integrity of the original craft. Founded 1996

Regeneration of Old Residential Districts: The Case of Beijing
Co-author with He Hong Yu. The paper was presented at the Housing for Millions International Housing Conference in Hong Kong, May 1996

Urbanization in the 1990's
A Ford Foundation project. Member of the Chinese team under the State Council Development Research Center. Author of commissioned paper. 1992.

Housing Finance and Reconstruction

UNDP Consultant: Workshop speaker, December, 1992, Hefei, Anhui Province. Post-Disaster Rehabilitation Project in Anhui and Jiangsu, 1993

UNDP Consultant: Post Flood Disaster Rehabilitation Project in Anhui and Jiangsu, 1992-3.

Initiated and help organize lecture tour by Mr. Fariborz Sahba to introduce to China his design for the Lotus Temple (Baha’i House of Worship) in New Delhi, India. The tour was approved by the Ministry of Construction, January, 1992

Community Participation in Housing

Self-designed research program funded by the Canadian International Development Agency, 1988. Project was Tianjin-based but included travel to Canada, US, England, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. Most of four weeks in India were spent creating a detailed community map in Ganeshnagar, a huttment suburb of Puna.

Classical Chinese Architecture Study Program, Tianjin University, Tianjin. Participant, May-July 1985


Creator of Harbour Symphony, July 1983, an on-going civic celebration activity in St. John's Newfoundland. Ship's horns are orchestrated into 6 to 10 minutes "symphonies". The event has been repeated ever since at a bi-annual music festival called Sound Symposium. See The concept was later borrowed for use in Vancouver (1986), Montreal (1995), and San Francisco (1996). A CD collection of the best Harbour Symphonies over the past 15 years was released in the summer of 1998.

Received Canadian Housing Design Council, Honorable Mention and a Newfoundland Historic Trust, Southcott Award, for the design of St. John's Municipal Non-Profit Housing Project (Hamilton and Alexander). 1985.

Received Newfoundland Historic Trust, Honourable Mention for renovations to the Longshoremen’s Protective Union Hall. Project included conversion to a 150 seat theater. St. John's, Newfoundland, 1983.