Hand-Drawn Maps: Pte St. Charles Community, Montreal, Canada

This axonometric map of Pte. St. Charles, a district of Montreal, Canada, was drawn as part of a design course at the School of Architecture, McGill University, in the spring of 1972. Traced over a city map, heights of structures were determined by Pieter Sijpkes and me by riding along all the streets on our bicycles and recording the number of floors of every building. The map was part of a study Pieter and I did of open spaces in the community, with a view to seeing how they might be better used. The study was one activity of the Community Design Workshop, a community-based teaching program initiated by Professor Joe Baker. That summer Pieter and I obtained a federal government grant to hire local students to create adventure playgrounds and vegetable gardens on some of the underused land identified in the study. Our report about this project is online. Below each hand-drawn image is a corresponding Nov, 2009, image from Google Earth.