Xing Fu San Cun Mixed Use Development

PROGRAM: Site planning and individual building design for a mixed use development including: office, hotel, residential, and commercial uses. Levels B2 and B3 are for car parking.
CLIENT: Tian Hong Property Development Company
SIZE:120,000m2 of building (above ground) on a 3.72 hectare site
STATUS:Construction Started, October 2007.
LOCATION: Beijing, Chao Yang District, Xing Dong Lu (South of the German Embassy)

An open-ended, curving, tree-shaded pedestrian promenade cuts through a five-story podium, traversing five, gate-like “H”-shaped towers. Near the center, at the widest part of the site, the street joins a public square. The shops and restaurants on the first three levels of the podium open onto the internal street and square, and onto the perimeter streets surrounding the project. The top two floors of the podium are courtyard offices. The project gives Beijing a much needed human-scale pedestrian precinct, one that is open to the urban fabric around it. The apartment, hotel and office space in the gate-like towers all have direct access to the streets below and to underground parking.

(Designed at MKB Architects Representative Office, Beijing)