Media Wholesale Electronics Market

PROGRAM: Wholesale Electronic Appliance Market
CLIENT: Media Corporation
SIZE: 160,000 m2
STATUS: Conceptual Design
LOCATION: Wuhan, China

The client, Midea Corporation, is a leading consumer appliances and air-conditioning systems manufacturer, with operations around the world. This 6.5 hectare site will be the Wuhan head office and representatives market for a fifty hectare distribution-warehouse center.

The site is on the outskirts of Wuhan, not far from the airport, in an area that has been planned on an unusual angled grid. The design takes advantage of the contrast between the traditional north-south orientation of Chinese architecture and the "diamond"-shape of the site. The plans of the office-hotel tower on the west and the large, triangular, four-floor market in the middle respond to both abstract Cartesian geometry and to the geometry of the site boundaries. The solution generated by the resolution of the clash generates a more dynamic solution than responding to one framework alone.

The space between the office tower-hotel and the large market provides shelter and a place of rest for customers and is part of a welcoming image projected to the main road at the southwest. The client's request for a symbolic building visible from the road is provided by the free-standing tower and is reinforced by the long, low, horizontal, airplane-wing roof of the market building behind.

(Designed in collaboration with Justin Zhang, Architect, Wuhan)