Tianjin International Tennis Center

1. International Tennis Competition Center
2. Business Center
3. Tennis Training Center for students and athletes throughout the Tianjin area.
4. Tennis Club for adults and family recreational tennis.
CLIENT: Tianjin Bin Hai Development Investment Holding Co. Ltd.
SIZE: 60,000 m2
STATUS: First Prize in an international competition (October 2007) with five entries from four countries. As of 2015, the large stadium and one of the smaller stadiums have been constructed. The proposed site plan and podium concepts were not used.
LOCATION: Tianjin Tuanbo District

Three large stadiums are placed in the northern half of the site with the large one (10,000 seats) in the middle and the two smaller ones (5,000 seats) on either side. An extensive, one storey, podium/plinth fills the space between the stadiums and contains the remaining program components. The podium roof area becomes a large green roof, a tree-covered urban plaza, easily absorbing the large flows of people. At the south edge of the podium they can overlook the tennis practice courts placed on four islands floating in a large pool. The main access to the plinth is from a long, wide, 5% slope ramp located at the east of the podium. Athletes, Event Organizers, Box Seat Ticket Holders, VIPs, and Media may be dropped off by car and enter the stadiums at grade.

Each stadium is bowl-shaped covered in a sloping cylinder. The angled walls create a sense of movement, direction and energy. With every step taken on the podium creates different, unpredictable vistas. The composition is a free and modern interpretation of a Chinese planning concept with the main building at the north on a north-south axis and the minor buildings to the east and west. The three podium connected stadiums are the “mountain” at the north overlooking water to the south. The water pools surrounding the four tennis islands are kept clean by constant circulation of the water and filtration through two constructed wetlands, one at the east and one at the west. Project gray water is also treated biologically at two greenhouses located near the constructed wetlands.

(Design collaboration with KDG Shanghai)