Ba Zhong Tower

PROGRAM: Landmark Tower
CLIENT: Withheld
SIZE: A one hectare site in the center of a 10.7 km2 Park.
STATUS: Conceptual Planning Stage
LOCATION: Ba Zhong, Sichuan Province

The site is at the highest point of the central hill of a large municipal park located about 10 km. east of downtown Ba Zhong.

In October 2019 we prepared 3 conceptual designs (shown below) for a 100 meter high tower as the center-piece of a park development. All three designs have elevators and a staircase giving access to various lookout locations.

Two irregular space frames lean on each other for support and are connected by the main look-out platform. One half of the tower has an enclosed, solid skin; the other is open. The latter has vines climbing from below that transition into kinetic wind-sculpture panels at the top.

Cloud Net
Three "clouds", glass pods, nestle into a exo-skeleton.

Split Cylinder
A triangular look-our platform connects to halves of a cylinder. The inner, flat faces surfaces of the cylinders are LED screens; the outer, curved surfaces offer a computer-controlled light display at night driven by fluctuations in the wind. The latter technique was pioneered by Toyo Ito in his Tower of Winds in Yokohama, Japan. The LED screens allow various projection possibilities: an image of the sky behind will make most of the tower disappear; an image of the day sky could be shown at night, and so on...