Si Ma Tai Great Wall Entrance Design

PROGRAM: Gateway markers, rest area, and landscaping.
CLIENT: Sheng Yang Tourism Development Company
SIZE: 45 hectare site
STATUS: Conceptual Design
LOCATION: Beijing, Mi Yun County near the Si Ma Tai section of the Great Wall

The site is at the junction of Highway 101 between Beijing and Chengde, and an 8 km. road that leads to the Si Ma Tai section of the Great Wall. This “T” intersection provides access to a beautiful river valley - with flowering fruit trees - that winds its way up to a spectacular portion of the Great Wall.
The original concept included three elements used in a 400 meter long sequence along Highway 101 to announce the nature and importance of this valley:
1) Brick Landmark Tower: This heavy strong gray brick 20 meter tower is located on the axis of the approach road from the south.
2) Glass Spirit Wall: An existing unused old stone bridge is used as a base to support a 100 meter-long glass block Lantern Spirit Wall. The covered bridge and a Tea House at the southeast corner of the bridge provide travelers with a place to stop and rest and enjoy the views.
3) Village Wall: A 150 meter long grey brick wall gives the village a strong edge and signals the fortress nature of the Great Wall nearby.
The concept was modified - leaving the bridge for later - and concentrated on a landmark lighthouse tower and a riverside tea house.