Rui Kun Villas

PROGRAM: Villa design for a far-suburban site in the foothills of the mountains surrounding Beijing.
CLIENT: Bejing Rui Kun Real Estate Development Co.
SIZE: 260 m2 to 310 m2 per villa on sites 18m wide x 30m deep.
STATUS: Design Stage
LOCATION: Chang Ping County, Beijing

The villas are designed to fit on a medium-to-steep slope with roads parallel to the contours and are built with one edge on a common lot line.

The house is divided into two strips with a circulation zone joining them together. The ground floor relates to the garden beside the house and the second floor relates to the distant views of mountains to the north and the flat plain of Beijing to the south.

The villas have optional second floor plans that give more or less bedrooms. Second floor areas not used as bedrooms serve as roof terraces. The smallest house, 260 m2, has a large master bedroom on the second floor, and two roof decks with trellises, one over the Living Room and another over the Family Room/Kitchen. One or both of the roof decks can become bedrooms. The largest house is 310m2.

Between the Living Room and the Family Room/Kitchen is a double-height formal Dining Room.

(Designed at MKB Architects Representative Office, Beijing)