Ningbo (Beilun) Free Trade Zone

PROGRAM: Site planning and individual building design for an Administration Center, and a ceremonial entrance gate to the Free Trade Industrial Park across the road. Site Planning for management staff and workers.
CLIENT: Ningbo Free Trade Zone Construction Administration Bureau
SIZE: The Administration Center is 15,000 m2 (above ground) on a 6.0 hectare site.
STATUS: Construction Complete 2006
LOCATION: Ningbo Beilun Port City, Zhejiang Province

The elements of the Administration Center include:
1. Management Office (black exterior, at top of axis)
2. Customs Building (red ellipse)
3. Hotel (glass “submarine”)

They surround a water pool forming a modern interpretation of the classical Chinese courtyard. The axis of the ensemble reaches across the road and passes through the main gate of the Free Trade Zone. The use of water pools with buildings at the edges echoes local vernacular architecture in Zhejiang. Earth removed to construct the buildings and the lake will form a hill at the back of the Center, referencing the fengshui principle of “hills behind and water in front”.

(Designed at MKB Architects Representative Office, Beijing)