Nan Xun Hotel

PROGRAM: Site planning and individual building design for a hotel facility (about 150 rooms) in the historic city of Nan Xun.
CLIENT: Huzhou Nanxun Prosper Real Estate Company Ltd.
SIZE: 13,000m2 of building (above ground) on a 4.0 hectare site.
STATUS: Design Stage
LOCATION: Nan Xun, about 100 km west of Shanghai

Nan Xun is one of southern China's famous water towns with courtyard houses lining narrow streets, and canals crossed by stone bridges. A mix of recycled factory buildings, including an abandoned MSG factory, and some new structures will contain 150 rooms of various types, a restaurant, spa, recreational and meeting spaces. The design responds, in general, to the larger water town context and, in particular, with a national heritage site, the mansion of Zhang Jing Jiang, a high official in Sun Yat Sen's republican government. The former garden of the mansion, at the back of the site, will be restored as a common green area and will incorporate water-cleaning and biological waste water treatment.

The main elements of the project include:
1. Hotel: square plan, 65 rooms, spiralling corridor skylights.
2. Restaurant: “L”-shaped plan overlooking water-mirror courtyard reflecting view of Zhang Jing Jiang Mansion.
3. MSG Factory: Recylce old industrial buildings into boutique hotels.

(Designed at MKB Architects Representative Office, Beijing)