Nanjing Daji Sales Office

PROGRAM: Sales Office and Landmark Tower
CLIENT: Da Ji Development Company
SIZE: 1,000 m2
STATUS: Concept Design 2013
LOCATION: Tang Quan County, Nanjing City

The sales office will promote the client's plan to develop a new town on a large piece of land - almost 1 - next to the existing built-up area of Tang Quan County. Although the site, across the Yangste River and to the north of Nanjing's urban area, is within commuter reach of central Nanjing, the client intends to develop a liveable city, not a bedroom community. The new town, with places both to live and work, offers urban and rural characteristics. The town expansion includes "anchor" IT companies to provide local employment opportunities, and to reduce the need for commuting to the Nanjing city center. As well, there will be strong connections to local natural and agricultural resources. The client was offered a concept design for the sales office and four ideas for the 50 meter-high landmark tower.