Nan Guan Resort

CLIENT: Purple Mist Company
SIZE: 11,000 m2
STATUS: Main Site Planning Approved, 2015
LOCATION: Fang Shan, Beijing

The client has several sites to develop in the scenic hills of Fang Shan County in the southwest of Beijing. The main one has a town-like resort stretching in a gentle arc to face one of Fang Shan's best mountain views. In plan it sits closely on the existing contours and terraces; in section and elevation it mimes the rolling hills. The group of buildings has a large hill behind it and two smaller hills left and right, a perfect Fengshui location. Primarily a resort, this facility also includes a wine factory at the lower level.

The second design, further away, is a proposal for another small hill-town resort.

The third design, downhill from the first, is a cluster of three forms surrounding a small outdoor courtyard. The forms "grow" directly out of the small, existing, organically-terraced fields, into a cluster of irregular shapes, much like a hill-town. This small center will serve as the client's site administration office and provide an additional guest house.