Bei Gou Village

PROGRAM: Village Planning
CLIENT: China Resources (Hua Run) Land
SIZE: 80 Courtyard Houses and surrounding land
STATUS: Planning Stage, 2012
LOCATION: Mi Yun, Beijing

The client has entered into a joint-venture with a cluster of villages in the north-east of Beijing, to the south-west of the Mi Yun Reservoir. The residents of one of the least populated villages, Bei Gou, will move to new housing, less than a kilometer to the south of the existing village. There, they can sustain all of their former social and employment relationships.

The eighty courtyards in the village will be restored and renovated to become a resort hotel (See Proposed Site Plan). The original courtyard houses become hotel "suites". While the management of marketing, booking, maintenance, security, training, and security - at least initially - will be centrally coordinated; the courtyards will be in 10 to 15 clusters each run by a local family, creating employment and more interaction between guests and local people.

The farmland to the south of the village (See Village Farm Site Plan) will become an organic/experimental farm focusing on creating opportunities for cultural and commercial exchange between local farmers and urbanites; and on providing farmers with increased access to agricultural technology. Local farmers could decide themselves on the application of this technology after participating in and witnessing demonstrations.

During the week, the village hotel will cater mainly to the business community, providing a retreat from the city for special meetings; and on the weekends, especially during the summer, the facility will provide a variety of family-oriented country-life activities.

The trekking trails (last image below) are based on the existing ones made by the farmers to manage their field crops and hillside orchards. The red spots indicate new rest/view stops.