Mixed Use Site on Worker's Stadium Road, Beijing, China

PROGRAM: Mixed-Use Development
CLIENT: Student Project/ no client
SIZE: 180,000 m2 of buildings on a 6 hectare site.
STATUS: Unbuilt
LOCATION: Beijing, Chao Yang District

Three designs were done in the Design Studio of Joe Carter and He Hong Yu in the Fall Term of 2014 at the McGill University School of Architecture in Montreal. The first was done by Simon St. Denis, Justin Spec, and Francois-Luc Giraldeau. The second by Sunghun (Luke) Lee, Chen Meiyi, and Caterina Villani; and third by Patrick Zhang, Chen Zhi Yi, and Razvan Gheti. The work included site planning and individual building design. The program called for housing (75%) and the remaining area a mix of commercial, office, hotel, community center and a kindergarten. The surface is primarily pedestrian; underground parking is on two levels. All three designs satisfy Beijing fire-truck access codes and sunlight requirements.