Lavender Farm Resort (Simatai Great Wall)

PROGRAM: Site planning for an agriculturally-oriented resort in a mountainous rural area close to the Simatai section of the Great Wall.
CLIENT: Gu Bei Kou Sheng Yang Tourism Development Company Ltd.
SIZE: 196 hectares
STATUS: Submission for planning approval, May 2009
LOCATION: Beijing, Mi Yun County, Gu Bei Kou District, Tang He Village, about 100 km. northeast of Tiananmen Square.

The area will become a beautiful resort area offering mountain scenery and a taste of the agricultural life of northern Mi Yun County. The local economy is primarily agricultural; polluting industries are not allowed in order to protect the water quality of the Miyun Reservoir. Ninety-five percent of on-site waste water will be treated with solar aquatics.

The site includes:
1. Lavender Farm: The heart of the resort is colourful fields of lavender, other fragrant herbs, and flowers. The farm area includes hotel, cottage, and camping accommodation:
2. Lavender Town: An intimate pedestrian-oriented small-scale town with health food restaurants offering herbal cuisine from around the world, art galleries, tea and coffee houses, and residential and office areas on the second floor;
a 4000m2 Greenhouse open to visitors; and
a Lavender Center for experiential education, exhibitions and training, and a small agricultural-product shopping street.
3. Lavender Village: A hotel designed as a village of courtyard housing (34 units of various sizes) and 16 studio houses.
4. Waterside Recreation Area: A place for strolling and picnicking along the river.
5. Mountain Trekking Area: The majority of the site is small mountains. Hiking trails provide magnificent views of the Great Wall.