Guilin Teachers College

PROGRAM: Campus Planning
CLIENT: Guilin Teacher's College
SIZE: 310,000 m2 of buildings on 60 hectares of land
STATUS: Planning Stage, 2012
LOCATION: Gui Lin, Guangxi Province, China

The site is on the outskirts of Guilin, nestled between picturesque mountains to the north and south. The east entrance (at the right on the site plan) is flanked by the Library to the south and the Chemistry Department to the north. A formal axis leads to the Main Teaching Building at the center of the campus. To the north and south of this promenade-axis are the majority of the Departmental Classroom Buildings.

On the west of the Main Teaching Building is a man-made lake flanked on the north by the Music Department and on the south by the Art Department. Further to the west are two dormitory zones, to the north and south of a large Dining Hall. Finally, at the west part of the campus are the playing fields and sports facilities.